Global Investment Management

Unbiased professional advice and assistance to fulfill your investment objectives

Discretionary Investment Management

For those who wish to direct their investment affairs to a professional team, our discretionary investment services deliver a diversified portfolios management solution. This provides you with the reassurance that your investments are managed for you within predetermined criteria and meticulously coordinated to your goals.

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Investment advisory

Our investment advisory delivers a comprehensive research and recommendation solution for sophisticated investors wishing to take a more active role in the management of their invested affairs. Asset allocation models work in tandem with client specific preferences by which advice is developed to maintain levels of performance expectations.

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Mayflower Advisors is a privately-owned investment advisory firm, focused on the delivery of impartial wealth guidance and institutional advisory services for individuals, family units and nonprofit organizations.

The firm develops customized financial solutions that are tailored to protect and increase your wealth over time. We provide extensive insights and applied knowledge as we deliver superior investment strategies that fulfill your most complex goals and requirements.