Multi-Asset Solutions

Employing sophisticated proprietary asset allocation tools

At Mayflower Advisors, our multi-asset investment solutions are focused on three critical characteristics;

  • Asset allocation driven by investor specific outcomes
  • Exposure to a range of asset classes, geographies, thematic and styles
  • Proactively managed to meet a dynamic range of investor preferences

The goal of our multi-asset management solutions is to generate an acceptable rate of return in line with a pre-determined level of risk assumed. Our risk-adjusted approach seeks to capitalize on upside performance whilst protecting asset value against downside risks.

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Mayflower Advisors is a privately-owned investment advisory firm, focused on the delivery of impartial wealth guidance and institutional advisory services for individuals, family units and nonprofit organizations.

The firm develops customized financial solutions that are tailored to protect and increase your wealth over time. We provide extensive insights and applied knowledge as we deliver superior investment strategies that fulfill your most complex goals and requirements.